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How to Root the Ulefone Be Touch


Disclaimer: Please be warened that the following process will void your warranty, possibly break OTA updates and worse it could brick your phone. We provide this information for experienced Android hackers only. If you are not used to rooting, recovering or generally messing with Android devices then we do not recommend you read any further. Rooting doesnt offer any benefits for regular users, but for hackers on the other hand...


This process comes courtesy of Pasi_K from XDA developers who explains how he unpacked that Be Pro recovery image and mixed it with Be Touch stock recovery image and repacked that. He also modified stock Be Touch boot.img.

The below is a Carliv Touch Recovery (Thanks Carliv) and root in Be Touch.


This rar includes SP Flash Tool, drivers, boot.img, recovery.img and SuperSu installer which you have move to your sd card and install from custom recovery.


Download the files:


-Extract RAR
-Put UPDATE-SuperSu to your phones storage
-Install drivers to PC
-Open SP Flash Tool
-Check boot and recovery and select files from files-folder (Uncheck others if they are checked)
-Push download button
-Remove battery from the phone and connect USB
-Disconnect USB when SP Flash Tool says OK
-Install battery and start phone with vol up + power
-Select install zip from sdcard and select super su
-Reboot phone and you are done
-Click "thanks" over at XDA if you are satisfied!


View the full thread on XDA here: